Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) strives to support students throughout the financial aid process. OSFA has the overall responsibility of administering federal and state financial aid and scholarships for San Francisco State University. We determine the eligibility, awarding, and the conditions in which federal and state aid may be disbursed.

OSFA communicates with students via their SF State email and/or their Gateway account. Make sure to check both, regularly. Watch a short video on how to use Gateway, and follow these steps to access your financial aid status on Gateway.



An email with the subject line, "Alert - Pandemic Grant for staffs and student is now open" and an email with information on a "Pell Pandemic Grant" are phishing attempts and were not sent from any SFSU office. Delete the email if you have received it and do not click any links from suspicious emails.

If you have clicked on the links from these emails or belieive you may have been a vicitim of any other phishing attempt you can alert ITS by reporting the email to

For more information on phishing emails you can visit ITS's Security Advisory Page by clicking here.



Summer Financial Aid

Summer registration begins April 5th, for more information click here

Federal Emergency Grants Have Been Disbursed to Students Directly

The Federal Government has provided funds for emergency grants for students experiencing financial hardships directly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for more information.

Complete the 2021-2022 FAFSA or California Dream Act Application Now

2021–2022 FAFSA and California Dream Act applications are now available.

You May Now Submit Documents Online via the secure DocuSign portal!

Note: Paperwork must still be printed and physically signed before scanning. For more information and to start the process to submit online documents, click HERE.

Selected for Verification?

If you have To Do List items requiring you to submit verification documents, submit them through DocuSign or by mail as soon as possible. Currently, our office takes about 3-4 weeks to complete verification upon receiving all required documents. Please see our verification page for more information.

Reviewing your Award FAQ

See our frequently asked questions for more information on reviewing your financial aid award package.



9 Myths about the FAFSA Form and Applying for Financial AidAn article from the U.S. Department of Education talking about all things FAFSA. 

Net Price calculator. Estimate your prospective financial aid eligibility at SF State. The Net Price Calculator is not an official offer of financial aid nor an application for financial aid, but rather a tool for estimating your eligibility.

Gator Talk 2021 Presentation: View our recorded Zoom presentation for new students and parents of new students here. Passcode: ^04%G5.%

The 5 Most Helpful Federal Student Aid Blog Posts by the official blog of the U.S. Department of Education

Resources for the California Dream Act Application