Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) strives to support students throughout the financial aid process. OSFA has the overall responsibility of administering federal and state financial aid and scholarships for San Francisco State University. We determine the eligibility, awarding, and the conditions in which federal and state aid may be disbursed.

OSFA communicates with students via their SF State email and/or their Gateway account. Make sure to check both, regularly. Watch a short video on how to use Gateway, and follow these steps to access your financial aid status on Gateway.



Financial Aid Disbursements Begin August 19th

Financial Aid students who have the Tuition Fee Deferal listed on their account will not need to make any payments by the August 12th deadline. You can confirm your deferal by checking the "Holds and Alerts" section of your Student Center. If you see, "Balance due deferred by FA" then you will not be dropped from classes and will have no issue starting the Fall semester.


Special Circumstances Petition Now Available

For Undergraduate students, if you or your family have reduced income due to the Covid-19 emergency or any other reason we are now able to process petitions to reconsider your aid eligibility. We will be considering projected income from July 1st 2020 to June 30th 2021.

Please be sure to collect as much documentation of your projected income as possible. This could include paystubs showing your current income level, unemployment statements, letters of separation from former employers, etc. No two situations are the same so please provide us with as much as you have available. Approvals of these petitions are not guaranteed. For auditing purposes, we must be able to faithfully document the change in income.

During the Fall semester you may be required to submit additional documentation to confirm the level of projected income is accurate.

If you have a 0 EFC (as indicated by a Pell Award of $6,345) we will not be able to process your petition as you are already receiving the maximum amount of financial aid available.

For Graduate students, unfortunately due to the design of State and Federal financial aid a change in income will not impact the aid that we can offer. As such, we cannot accept any petitions.

You can download the form to complete here, then submit the signed form with your documentation through our online portal.

You May Now Submit Documents Online!

We are excited to announce that documents may now be submitted through a secure online portal! Please note paperwork must still be printed and physically signed before scanning. For more information and to start the process to submit online documents click HERE.

Fall 2020

We are now accepting documents for the Fall 2020 semester. We will start to offer financial aid by April 1st for students that have completed all of the necessary steps. Please sign into your Student Center and view the "To Do" list to see if there are any documents you must submit.

2020-2021 FAFSA Applications

The 2020–2021 FAFSA will be available on October 1, 2019. You should fill it out as soon as possible on or after October 1, 2019, at the official government site here: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

2019-2020 Financial Aid Offers Posted

Students may now log in to their Student Center and view their 2019-2020 awards. If you do not see an award letter, please check your To Do List items for any pending documents we may need from you to finalize your application.

The final disbursement for the Fall 2019 semester will be December 11, 2019.

Selected for verification?

If you have To Do List items requring you to submit verification documents, submit them in person or by mail as soon as possible. Currently, our office takes about 3-4 weeks to complete verification upon receiving all of the documents that are required. Please see our verification page for more information.

Reviewing your Awards - FAQ



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