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Food+Shelter+Success, SF State's Basic Needs Initiative, supports students’ ability to reach their full potential at SF State by providing food, housing and financial crisis support programs, services, and referrals.

Food+Shelter+Success stands in solidarity with everyone fighting for equality. Equitable access to housing, food, medical care, and education are critical, undeniable, and foundational elements of racial and social justice.

Join iGrad, a personal finance program for SF State students, faculty, and staff.

Sign up here: https://sfsu.igrad.com/

For questions about iGrad at SF State, please email igrad@sfsu.edu

AmeriCorps Awards are available to students who are members of AmeriCorps service programs. These students take part in community service related activities developed by AmeriCorps. If you are a recipient, we want to thank you for making a difference in your community! 

Extended Learning offers a variety of continuing education courses, academic credit certificates, and professional development certificates to prepare you for career advancement, career change, or personal growth. Some Extended Learning programs are financial aid eligible.

Federal Work-Study on your Financial Aid award means you are eligible to be paid Work-Study funds if you get a job on campus. Work-Study is not a Grant or a Loan, nor is it a guarantee of a job. The main advantage of Work-Study employment is that your Work-Study earnings do not count against you as a financial resource on your FAFSA.

The Graduate College of Education at SF State offers a variety of credential and degree options for students. Financial assistance is different for Credential students as opposed to Master's degree students. Credential students are considered 5th-year undergraduate students for financial aid purposes. Students dually enrolled in the credential, and Master's programs are considered graduate students.

The Post-Bac Programs are intended for students that have already earned a bachelor's degree and wish to apply to health professional schools. Students seeking financial aid can only receive federal financial aid for one year (three continuous semesters), starting when the student joins the program. After that, students can still get financial aid through private loans and scholarships. 

The Office of Student Financial Aid recommends the following resources to help you in your financial planning for college: