Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) on a student's financial aid award package means that they can be paid Work-Study funds if you get a job on campus. Work-Study is NOT a Grant or a Loan, nor is it a guarantee of a job. Students must actually apply and interview for a Work-Study position. The amount they earn is dependent upon the job they obtain and their award amount. The main advantage of Work-Study employment is that a student's Work-Study earnings do not count against them as a financial resource on their FAFSA.

Federal Work-Study Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, students must be enrolled at least half-time amount (6 units for Undergraduate students / 4 units for Graduate students).

To search for jobs, visit Handshake linked on SF State's Career & Leadership Development (CLD) website. All Work-Study jobs are on-campus only.

Work-Study does NOT disburse like other financial aid.

Students receive a paycheck every pay period when after they report their work hours. The paycheck is their Work-study money. Students cannot earn in excess of the award offered, so employers should be keeping track of their earnings.

Your employer will assist you with these steps, but here are some helpful links that you will need to complete the hiring process:

Yes, but there are options. Students may not have to stop working if their employer can pay them out of a different fund (Ex. Student Assistant fund) or if they have room in their financial aid award budget for an increase in their Work-Study award.

To inquire about eligibility for an increase, students must have their employer request an increase from our office.