How Financial Aid Works

We understand that applying for and receiving financial aid can be an overwhelming process. Therefore, we offer this quick guide to get a better understanding of how financial aid works at San Francisco State University.

SF State Financial Aid Process Guide


Applying For Financial Aid

How exactly does a student receive financial aid at SF State?

This page provides an overview of the financial aid application process, using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the California Dream Act Application (CADAA)

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Reviewing Your Awards

Now that you've submitted a financial aid application, how can can you access your financial aid offer?

This page provides information on how to accept or decline your offers, how your awards are allocated, and how your aid will be used to pay for school expenses. 


Receiving Your Awards

You've been awarded your financial aid package but how exactly are you supposed to receive it?

This page provides information regarding what a "Financial Aid Disbursement" is and breaks down the importance of  Account Activity section in your Student Center.


Special Circumstances

What happens if your financial aid package doesn't reflect your current situation?

This page provides information regarding the next steps you or your Parent(s) may take in appealing to have your awards be reconsidered based on a different tax year or your present living situation!