Spring 2023 Financial Aid Disbursement

Disbursements began on January 25, 2023!

Tuition payment deadline for ALL financial aid recipients is DEFERRED until February 24, 2023!

Student Center - Holds & Alerts

If you have a “Balance Due Deferred By FA” item on your Holds & Alerts section in your Student Center, please click on “DETAILS” and then on the item to view information about your tuition payment deadline deferment for financial aid students. Financial aid students should be sure to pay any remaining amount of their tuition and fees by February 24, 2023. For students with housing payments: If your aid for spring is sufficient to cover one or more of your housing installments, then your first housing deposit would be deferred until February 14.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No student will be dropped from their classes for non-payment after this date. If you have an outstanding balance after the tuition payment deadline, a ONE-TIME $20 late fee would be applied to your account by the Bursar's Office.

If you do not receive your disbursement on the first scheduled date, please do not worry!  Our office disburses unreleased, accepted financial aid each Wednesday of the semester as long as there are no financial aid related items on your To Do List or Hold & Alerts sections of the Student Center.

Ensure that your financial aid is ready for disbursement by checking the following:

  • You are enrolled in at least half-time amount (6 units for Undergraduate students / 4 units for Graduate students)

  • Students with Grant awards must be enrolled in full-time status (12 units - Undergraduate / 7 units Graduate) to receive the entire amount that shows in  "accepted" status

  • There are NO financial aid related items on your To Do List

  • There are NO holds preventing disbursement (Examples: FA SAP Hold, AB540 Tuition Exemption Hold, FA Cal Grant Hold, etc.)

Other Important Notes

  • Financial aid recipients are responsible for dropping all classes from their schedule if they do not plan to attend. You will incur charges (pro-rated tuition) if this is not completed by 01/29/23.

  • If there are no financial aid related items in your To Do List, you should receive your financial aid disbursement by January 25, 2023 – Our first disbursement date for Spring 2023 semester. Financial aid is first disbursed to pay your direct charges, which include tuition, mandatory fees, and any on-campus living costs.

  • If you are not living on-campus or have any leftover aid after financial aid disburses, you should receive your refund from the Bursar's Office based on:​​​​​​

Enrolled in Direct Deposit 3 to 5 business days from disbursement date
Not enrolled in Direct Deposit 1 to 2 weeks as a mailed check from disbursement date (Sent to listed mailing address on Student Center)

Please review your Account Activity on a regular basis to monitor transactions that occur to your student account.