Letters of Recommendation

Many scholarship applications request letters of recommendation. The request is usually 1 to 2 letters of recommendation, but may vary. Below are some tips and guidelines on how to ask for letters of recommendation.

  • Read the scholarship application for any specific guidelines for the letters of recommendation.
  • Ask a professor, employer, or community leader who knows you well and who will be able to write about your academic achievements, leadership experiences, and contributions.
  • Provide a copy of the scholarship application, a recent resume, and a list of activities and honors to your reference provider.
  • If it is a professor, you should provide the professor with a copy of past papers or projects as reminders of who you are and what kind of work you have done.
  • Letters of recommendation should be typed, printed on official letterhead, and signed.
  • Give your reference provider at least 3 weeks to write the letter.
  • Give your reference provider specific deadlines (return to you by/postmark by/receive by/uploaded to scholarship site by).
  • If the reference provider must send the recommendation letter directly to the scholarship organization, provide a self addressed stamped envelope.


For PDF files, you'll need Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or above to view it. If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader it's available free from Adobe(link is external).