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Frequently Asked AcademicWorks Scholarship Database Questions

If I have a question about a scholarship, who do I contact? 

Contact the person or department listed on the scholarship opportunity.


Cannot UPLOAD the essay or recommendation letter or transcript or thank you letter, what do I do?

Check the name of the document you are uploading.  It cannot have any punctuation marks or other symbols; otherwise, the system will reject the upload.  AcademicWorks does not accept .html or .xhtml files.   If this is not the case, please contact the person or department listed on the scholarship opportunity.


Student: I've uploaded an incorrect document.  How do I upload the correct one?

Click the "Add a New file" link to upload another document.


Reference provider:  I've uploaded an incorrect document.  How do I upload the correct one?

Contact the person or department listed on the scholarship opportunity to change your submitted document to “drafted”.



Supported Browsers: System functions limited.

To ensure the best experience while using Academic Works, use the current and immediate releases of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari; Internet Explorer Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is not fully compatible with Award Management. You may continue to use an unsupported browser. However, you may encounter certain functionality limitations.


Should I apply for ALL the scholarships on my Recommended list?

NO. Look over the detail eligibility requirements and make sure you qualify before applying.  There may be some eligibility requirements you do not meet (e.g., reentry student, financial need, major, active in a community, have taken specific courses, be a graduate student, junior or senior, single parent, etc.).


Should I update my profile/General Application frequently?  

You can return to this website at any time to update your profile with us.  Keeping an updated profile helps you be considered for more scholarships!


Do I have to complete a new General Application every year?

Yes, the General Application you complete will be kept until July.  You must complete another General Application every Fall semester.


How can I check my scholarship application status?

You should return to your AcademicWorks student portal to check your application status.  Please allow at least 3-4 weeks for departments to review all scholarship applications and to offer the scholarship.  If you are offered a scholarship, you will receive an email notifying you.  The email will be sent from  Check your SF State email frequently.  Otherwise, check your AcademicWorks student portal for an updated application status.


I did not receive an offer email notification.  What do I do?

Please check your spam/junk folder for the email sent from or return to your AcademicWorks student portal to check your scholarship application status or contact the person or department listed on the scholarship opportunity.


Who should I ask to be my reference provider?

Make sure you read the scholarship application instructions and determine who the recommendation letter should be from.  Ask a professor, employer, or community leader who knows you well and who will be able to write about your academic achievements, leadership experiences, and contributions.  Contact your reference provider to ask him/her to be a reference for you and provide him/her with the deadline date the recommendation letter must be submitted by.


When does the recommendation letter need to be submitted by?

The recommendation letter must be uploaded into AcademicWorks by the scholarship application deadline date 11:59 pm.  Provide your reference provider with the scholarship deadline date.


I am asking a reference provider to be my reference on more than one scholarship.  Does the reference provider have to upload the letter multiple times?

If the letter of recommendation requests are titled "Confidential Letter of Recommendation Request for a SF State scholarship applicant - 1" and requires you to type in the name and email of the reference then, "NO", the reference provider will be asked to upload only one letter and it will be applied to all applicable scholarships.  The recommendation letter should be generic.


Incorrect email address was typed in for my reference.  How do I correct it?

Go back into that specific scholarship reference section and click the "Add a New Reference" link to add the reference again with the correct email address.  Make sure you check with your reference providers to ask the best email address to use for them and DO NOT use different email addresses to invite the same reference provider.


The scholarship I'm applying to is asking me to "upload" a recommendation letter, but my reference provider is not willing to give the letter to me to upload.  What do I do?

Contact the person or department listed on the scholarship opportunity.


If I am selected to receive a scholarship, what do I need to do?

Once you are notified you have been selected for a scholarship, you must return to your AcademicWorks student portal to "Accept" your scholarship offer.  Pay attention to deadline dates to accept the scholarship offer, as well as any specific requirements you must meet to receive the scholarship award, such as the enrollment requirement to receive the award, submit the Post Acceptance (e.g., photo, Thank you letter), or attend an award ceremony.


Who should I address the thank you letter to?

If there is a specific donor you should address the thank you letter to, the donor name will be mentioned in your In-system offer letter or a separate email may be sent to you from the campus office awarding the scholarship. If not, then address the thank you letter to "Dear Donor".


For PDF files, you'll need Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or above to view it. If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader it's available free from Adobe(link is external).

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