Securing Your Funding

Once you apply for financial aid through the CA Dream Act, you may need to take additional steps before you can be awarded financial aid and before your financial aid can disburse to cover your expenses. Be sure to check your Student Center To Do List for any required paperwork. Additionally, even if you have financial aid, after it disburses, it still may not be enough to cover your expenses in-full.


Verification is a process to confirm the information you provided on your CA Dream Application. If your application is selected for verification, you will be required to provide:

Dependent Student:

  • Dependent Verification Worksheet
  • Student Tax Information
  • Parent Tax Information

Independent Student:

  • Independent Verification Worksheet
  • Student Tax Information

For Tax Filers, the Tax Information required will be an IRS Tax Return Transcript. This is a free document that can be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and is not the same as a personal copy of a tax return received after filing taxes. The Tax Return Transcript documents taxable income, federal income tax paid, and certain untaxed income and/or benefits received.

For Tax Non-Filers, you must submit a copy of W-2 forms received. In certain cases, a Verification of Non-Filing may be required. This is a free document that can be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which confirms taxes were not filed for the requested year.

Once your paperwork is turned in, please allow 2-3 weeks for an AB 540 Financial Aid Counselor to review all submitted documentation and correct any discrepancies. After your CA Dream Act Application is corrected and verified, you will receive a financial aid offer.

Selective Service Registration

Males between 18 and 25 years old must register with Selective Service to be eligible for state financial aid. A Social Security number is not required to register; therefore, undocumented individuals can register.

All first time financial aid applicants who are male will be required to submit proof of registration for Selective Service. A To Do list item will appear on your Student Center as Selective Service.  If you have not registered with Selective Service, you will be required to register and submit proof of registration.

If you have already registered, you can obtain a copy of your Online Verification or provide a copy of the Official Letter of Verification you received in the mail.

To register, you must do so in-person at any U.S. Post Office using the Selective Service System Registration Form.  You will mail the form to the Selective Service System and receive a Registration Acknowledgement via mail within 90 days. Since it will take time to receive your Registration Acknowledgement, you must provide a copy of your Selective Service System Registration Form and a Certificate of Mailing that verifies the form was mailed to the Selective Service System in order to clear the hold.

Males 26 and older that did not register for Selective Service within the specified age range must follow the instructions listed on the Selective Service Verification Form for CA Dream Applicants.

For more information on how to register, please review Immigrants Rising’s Selective Service and the California Dream Act.

Financial Aid Deadlines

Students can register for classes without paying their fees up front. However, students must have their coverage in order prior to the fee payment deadlines, or their classes will be dropped.

For students receiving financial aid, please be aware of how much tuition will be covered. If the student receives state or institution-based financial aid, they will not be required to pay for their tuition by the fee payment deadline. If a student wins a scholarship, the student must ensure the school is aware of their scholarship by submitting a copy of the congratulatory scholarship award letter at least TEN DAYS prior to the payment deadline.

Please be aware that if the grant and/or scholarship does not cover the full amount of fees, the outstanding balance due must be paid before the listed fee payment deadline. If it is not paid, you will be subject to a late fee and potentially dropped from classes. You can learn more about fee payment deadlines at


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