Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) strives to support students throughout the financial aid process. OSFA has the overall responsibility of administering federal and state financial aid and scholarships for San Francisco State University. We determine the eligibility, awarding and the conditions in which federal and state aid may be disbursed.

OSFA communicates with students via their SF State email and/or their Gateway account. Make sure to check both, regularly. Watch a short video on how to use Gateway, and follow these steps to access your financial aid status on Gateway.



Summer 2019 Financial Aid

Awards have been posted on students' 2018-2019 Financial Aid Award Page. If you do not see an award, you may not be eligible for any Summer Aid, or you did not complete the "Report Summer Units" To Do List item. Please check your email and Student Center regularly.

For disbursment date information, visit our Summer 2019 Aid page.

Summer 2019 Aid - More info

2019-2020 Financial Aid Offers Posted

Students may now log in to their Student Center and view their 2019-2020 awards. If you do not see an award letter, please check your To Do List items for any pending documents we may need from you to finalize your application.

Selected for verification?

If you have To Do List items requring you to submit verification documents, submit them in person or through mail as soon as possible. Currently, our office takes about 3-4 weeks to complete verification upon receiving all of the documents that are required. Please see our verification page for more information.

Reviewing your Awards - FAQ

2019-2020 FAFSA - Rolling applications

Although the state priority submission deadline is March 2, 2019, students may submit FAFSA applications past the priority deadline to be evaluated for Federal-based aid only. Login to FAFSA with your FSA ID and password. The 2019-2020 FAFSA requires information from the 2017 tax year. 



Summer 2019 Dates and Deadlines



June 23

R1 and R4 Summer Disbursement Date

Visit our Summer 2019 Financial Aid Page for more information

July 10

R2 Summer Disbursement Date

Visit our Summer 2019 Financial Aid Page for more information

July 28

R3 Summer Disbursement Date

Visit our Summer 2019 Financial Aid Page for more information

July 29

$20 late fee charged for any unpaid Summer 2019 Tuition and Fees

Visit the Bursar's page for additional information

July 31

Additional Disbursement Date for Summer 2019

August 7 Last Disbursement Date for Summer 2019


9 Myths about the FAFSA Form and Applying for Financial AidAn article from the U.S. Department of Education talking about all things FAFSA. 

Net Price calculator. Estimate your prospective financial aid eligibility at SF State. The Net Price Calculator is not an official offer of financial aid nor an application for financial aid, but rather a tool for estimating your eligibility.

Sneak Preview 2019 PresentationView our presentation from SF State's annual Sneak Preview event hosted on April 6, 2019.