Submitting Documents Online

Submitting Documents Online

To best serve and support our students we are now accepting documents online through the DocuSign portal. Please note, all documents must still be printed and physically signed, then uploaded. Scanned images or legible photographs from a smart phone are both acceptable.

Which Documents Do I Need To Submit?

To see which documents you will need to submit, check your To Do List in the Student Center.

  1. Sign into your Gateway and click the Student Center button from your LaunchPad
  2. Click “More” under your "To Do List" on the right side of the page
  3. Click on each item for more information on that step and to download the form
  4. Click “Download Form” to open up the pdf so you can complete the document
  5. Print out and physically sign the document. We cannot accept electronic signatures of any kind

For verification worksheets all sections must be completed. Mark "N/A" or $0 if a field does not apply to you.


Please do not leave any section blank and mark all appropriate boxes. Incomplete documents will need to be resubmitted and will delay the process.

Submitting Documents Through the DocuSign Portal


PLEASE NOTE: To help speed up your documents being processed we advise all pages of each item you are submitting be combined into a single file. For example, all 5 pages of the Dependent Verification Worksheet as 1 file, and all pages of the Tax Return Transcript as a separate file.

If you are using a smartphone you can use the free app, “Adobe Scan” to help with this.

Link to Download Android

Link to download iOS


Start the process by clicking the big, yellow "Online Document Submission" button below and then follow these steps:

  1. Enter your name and SFSU or personal email account. Click “Begin Signing
  2. Enter your details into the form along with a brief description of what you are submitting
  3. Click the paperclip icon to begin uploading
  4. Click “Begin Upload
  5. Browse to select the document you wish to upload.
    1. If you need to upload multiple files you can click “Upload File” again to select more
  6. Once all documents are attached you can scroll down to review what will be uploaded.
  7. If you are satisfied that everything needed has been attached, click “FINISH” at the top of the page.

Then you’re all done! You will be given an option to download or print a copy of everything that was submitted. Otherwise, just click “Close” and you can exit out of the tab.

Here is a preview of the information you'll need to provide on the form. Please note, if you close your browser all progess will be lost.


Reviewing Document Status

To sign in and view your document status:

  1. Log on to the SF State Gateway at See this video for more info!
  2. Under the "Student" heading, click on “Financial/Jobs,”, then click on “Student Center”.
  3. Click “More” under your "To Do List" on the right side of the page. Documents that have been received and processed will no longer appear in your To Do list.

Please allow two to three weeks for review and processing. Check your SFSU email frequentty. If we need additional information we’ll reach out to you there. Once the required item has been completed it will be removed from your To Do list, so be sure to check your Student Center periodically to know the status.


Online Document Submission