Information regarding your Financial Aid Summer Award Offer


Summer Financial Aid

Students may qualify for financial aid to help pay for classes over the Summer so you can continue on your journey to graduation! Both grants and loans are available over the Summer though funding may be limited. You must enroll in at least half time (6 units Undergrad and 4 units Grad) to qualify. You do not need to be enrolled in all of your classes to see what you will qualify for, enrollment in at least one Summer course will allow us to generate your award. Students report the number of units that they plan on taking through all sessions so we can produce an accurate award. If your plan changes you must email to let us know the new plan.


How do I report my Summer units?

You must first register for at least one Summer class. Then within 48 hours the "Report my Summer Units" link will become active in your Student Center. Next follow the steps below. 1

1. Log into your Student Center

2. Find and click “View Financial Aid” under the Finances section

3. Go to Aid Year "2020"

4. The “Report Summer Units” link will be available on your 2019-2020 Financial Aid Award page. Report the number of units you plan to take over the course of all four summer sessions.


How do I accept/decline my financial aid?

To accept your financial aid, follow the steps below. By accepting your awards you agree to the conditions and policies detailed on our Financial Aid guide.

  1. Log on the SF State Gateway at See this video for more info!
  2. Under the Student heading, click on “Financial/Jobs,”, then click on “Student Center.”
  3. In the center of the next page in the “Finances” section, click on “View Financial Aid.”
  4. Click on the “2020” Aid Year to view your awards.
  5. Click the “Accept/Decline Awards” button.
  6. Click on the award links for specific information about each award type offered.
  7. Accept, Decline, or Reduce new awards, then click the “Submit” button.

What if I decide to drop a class or withdraw from the Summer sessions?

  • Your Summer award is based on enrollment information which you reported to the Office of Student Financial Aid on your Student Center.
  • If your enrollment plans change for the Summer, email with your ID number and updated units.

Am I eligible for a Financial Aid Fee Deferment?

Financial Aid recipients can be eligible for a Financial Aid Fee Deferment which delays the payment deadline until financial aid funds have disbursed. If you have a Financial Aid Deferment, you will see a notification in the “Holds & Alerts” section in your Student Center. You are eligible for a fee deferment if you have anticipated aid showing on your student portal. Anticipated aid could be a grant or an accepted loan.

What do I need to know about student loan options?

Review our webpage regarding the Federal Direct Loans if you were offered a subsidized or unsubsidized loan. Federal PLUS loans may also be available for Parents of dependent students or Graduate students. If you would like to pursue a summer PLUS loan, email with your ID number.

Lastly, students have the option to pursue private alternative loans.

What do I need to know about my grant awards?

For State University Grants (SUGs): Students must maintain their half-time (or more) enrollment throughout the summer sessions in order for SUG to disburse. If students drop below half-time, they are no longer entitled to their SUG offer.

For Federal Pell Grant awards: Students may receive Pell grant during the Summer 2020 session even if they earned their full amounts during the regular academic year. Be aware that receiving an addiitonal Summer Pell contributes toward students' Lifetime Eligibility Used calculation, and may affect 2020-2021 awards if students are close to reaching their Lifetime limit (6 full-time years). More information on Lifetime Eligibility can be found on the Federal Student Aid page

What do I do if I have other funding resources?

All students receiving financial aid are required to report other resources: scholarships, fellowships, stipends, and fee subsidies/waivers.  Report these other resources before your financial aid disburses. If these resources cause an over award of federal or state financial aid, you may be required to repay funds to the government. Report other resources at the ‘Finances’ section of your Student Center portal.  For more info, check out our Scholarship FAQs!


An important message from the Bursar’s Office
If you register for a summer session(s) and do not officially withdraw by the “Last Day to Receive 100% Refund” or by the dates listed in the Pro-Rata Schedule you will still be responsible for all tuition and fees – even if you never attended the course or if the course has not started. To clarify, visit the Bursar’s Office website.