Fall 2018 FAQ

Disbursement questions

  • Delayed disbursements:
    Credential Pell Grant, Ed Doc Grant, Teach Grant, MBA Grant
    Your financial aid will disburse after September 24, 2018 upon enrollment verification.

General questions

Loan questions

Grants and Work Study Questions

How can I make sure that my financial aid is ready for disbursement?

Ensure that your financial aid is ready for disbursement by checking the following:

  • You are enrolled in at least half-time (6 units undergrad, 4 units graduate)
    Students with grant awards must be enrolled full-time (12 units undergrad, 7 units graduate) to receive the entire amount in "accepted" status
  • There are no financial aid related items on your To Do List
  • There are no other holds preventing disbursment (examples: Campus Financial Obligations, FA SAP Hold)

How will my financial aid pay for my tuition and housing?

First, make sure you have accepted the financial aid awards that you need. Next, make sure that you have completed all To Do List items, if any. Doing these steps is important to ensure that your financial aid will be ready for disbursement.

Our first financial aid disbursement will be on August 22. Any aid that is ready for disbursement will first pay off tuition fees. Next, financial aid will pay off on-campus housing fees, if any. 

How will I get my remaining aid (refund)? How will I see how much I owe after disbursement?

If you have more financial aid than the cost of your tuition and on-campus housing fees (if any), then you will receive a refund amount, sent to you either through your direct deposit account, or a check to your mailing address.

If you do NOT have enough financial aid to cover your tuition and on-campus housing (if any), then you will see your new balance after we disburse aid. Remaining tuition fees are due by September 23. For remaining housing fee deadlines, check your "charges due" page in the Finances section of the Student Center, or contact the Housing office.

What is the "Fall 2018 FA Deferment" on my holds and alerts section?

The Deferment delays the tuition payment deadline for students who submitted a FAFSA or CA Dream application. This means you are not subject to the tuition payment deadlines set by the Bursar's office, rather, your new deadline for tuition payment is September 23. For more information, log into your Student Center and read the details of the "Fall 2018 FA Deferment" in the holds and alerts section.

I still have items on my To Do List. When will I receive my award?

We intend to complete all verification documents (assuming you have submitted everything on your To Do List) by August 10, however, students who submitted documents at a later time will not be guaranteed an award by the first day of school. Please make sure that you check your To Do List and submit any documents still in "required" status. If there are any items in "Incomplete" status and you do not know why, send us an email at finaid@sfsu.edu with your SF State ID number and a counselor will get in contact with you.

What happens if I don't get my award by the time school starts?

While we are striving to package all students with financial aid offers, award processing time varies between student to student. In the case that you are not awarded with aid by the first day of school, your tuition payment deadline is not until September 23, 2018 and you will not get dropped from any of your classes (assuming you have the "Fall 2018 FA Deferment" in your Holds and Alerts section of your Student Center). 

If no aid has disbursed by September 23, you will still not get dropped from your classes. In previous semesters, only an administrative late fee of $20 was assessed for students who still had an outstanding balance for tuition. 

What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans?

There is one main difference between these two loans. The subsidized loan is interest-free while a student is enrolled at least half-time. The unsubsidized loan accrues interest the moment the loan disburses. Go to our Direct Loan page for more information on each loan type.

What do I need to do for my loans to process on the first day of disbursement?

You must first accept the loan offers on your award screen. If you are a first-time borrower at SF State, then items will be placed on your To Do List 24 hours after accepting your loans. All of these To Do List items can be fulfilled online at studentloans.gov -- please read the details of each To Do List item so that you are properly directed to complete these items. It takes about 2 weeks for us to process student loans after To Do List items are completed.

If you anticipate receiving your loans on the first day of disbursement, please make sure that you complete all To Do List items by early August. For Parent and Grad PLUS loans, you must apply by August 1 on studentloans.gov to ensure disbursement by August 22. Any applications received after August 1 will not be guaranteed disbursement by August 22. 

I declined a loan and I want it reoffered. What do I need to do?

You can send an email to finaid@sfsu.edu with your SF State ID number requesting for your loans to be reoffered. 

I want to increase the amount of my accepted loans. What do I need to do?

To increase already accepted loans, or to cancel your Work Study award to make room for loans, you would need to fill out a Change Request Form, which you can only do in person at the Financial Aid counters. Although there is no counseling until August 10, you can come to One Stop and someone at the financial aid counter can assist you in filling out the form. Unfortuantely, email requests are no longer accepted. Students must come in person for this request.

I was awarded a Cal Grant, but I do not see it on my Student Center.

Cal Grants are awarded by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC). To ensure that SF State receives your Cal Grant award, make sure that you 1) list San Francisco State University as your school of choice to receive your Cal Grant and 2) for freshman, ensure that your high school has submitted your graduation date to CSAC. For transfers, make sure that you do not have any Cal Grant related holds on your Student Center.

We receive a roster of Cal Grant recipients on a weekly basis and update awards accordingly. Continue to monitor your status on your WebGrants 4 Students portal.

Can I get all of my aid if I'm enrolled in less than 12 units?

Any grant award (ex: Pell, Cal Grant, State University Grant) are awarded based on a 12-unit enrollment. If you are enrolled in less than 12 units, then your disbursement will be prorated based on the amount of units you are enrolled in. More information can be found in our Financial Aid Programs page.

If I have 12 units but 3 units are waitlisted, will I get all of my aid?

Aid will be disbursed based on the amount of units you are fully enrolled in. Wait list courses do not count toward disbursement. 

How does Work Study work?

Work Study gives students the eligibility to find Work Study employment, which are mainly on-campus. The Office of Student Financial Aid analyzes students eliigbility for Work Study and places the offer on their financial aid award, but students would have to search and secure a Work Study job themselves using the on-campus jobs database system, Handshake. For more information, visit our Work Study page.

Will I have to repay my Pell grant if I change my enrollment?

Beginning the first day of classes (August 27th), your Pell Grant award will be adjusted depending on the number of units in which you are enrolled.  On September 25th, your unit enrollment will be verified to determine your official Pell Grant award amount. To avoid repayment, please make all changes to your unit enrollment by September 24, 2018.  If you are in fewer units than the enrollment requirement, you will be required to repay those funds. Units added after this deadline, including backdated late adds, will not qualify for an increase in Pell Grant funds.

What are the requirements in order for my Pell grant to disburse as a Credential student? When will the grant disburse?

Credential students can only receive the Pell grant for designated credential courses. You must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units of credential coursework to qualify. Your enrollment and coursework will be verified before the grant is released.  The anticipated disbursement date for credential Pell grants is on September 26th