At San Francisco State University, we seek to promote scholarship opportunities for ALL our students, including AB 540/2000 and undocumented students. In our scholarship database AcademicWorks, there are MANY scholarships available for students that do not require proof of citizenship or residency status. These scholarships are a great source of funding for students who need additional coverage on top of Dream Aid, and especially for students who do not qualify for Dream Aid.

To filter out the scholarships that do not require proof of citizenship or residency status, be sure to pay special attention that the Citizenship requirement indicates “Any.”

For a small sample of these scholarships available, you can view our Scholarships that do not Require Proof of Citizenship or Residency Status Flyer at

Once you start your scholarship search, we recommend you keep track of the scholarships you have applied for, as well as the scholarships you plan to apply for. You can use our Scholarship Chart to get started, but feel free to organize in a way that works best for you!

Continue the Dream for Academic Excellence Scholarship

The Continue the Dream Scholarship was created in 2011 by SF State Staff and Faculty who were concerned with the many obstacles undocumented students face while attending our university. These departments include: ASI Project Connect, Metro Academies, Office of Student Financial Aid, Raza Faculty and Staff Association, Raza Studies, Step to College, The Safe Place, and Undergraduate Admissions.

Staff and faculty fundraise throughout the year. One notable fundraising activity is the “Swimming for Sueños” event, in which participants swim from Alcatraz to SF.

The scholarship is available only to undocumented SF state students that are ineligible for federal financial aid. Students must be in an undergraduate or graduate program, but AB 540 eligibility is not required to qualify for this scholarship. To apply for this competitive scholarship, students must demonstrate a serious commitment to helping others or acting as a role model by promoting higher education.

The application generally opens in the Fall semester, so please check back in the Fall to not miss out on this opportunity!

Additional External Resources

Within the AcademicWorks database, there are a variety of external scholarships to search through. Once you have researched these opportunities, be sure to check other scholarship opportunities with the following organizations:

Tax Filing and 1098-T

AB 540 students that receive scholarships are encouraged to file federal and state income taxes. Only the cost of the tuition, fees, books and required equipment for students pursuing a degree are tax exempt. If you use your scholarship to cover room & board, travel, research, and clerical help, then it is taxable. Normally tax withholding will be not be made at the time the scholarship is given, so the student may reserve funds to pay for the required taxes.

For more information, please review the IRS’s Publication 970 Tax Benefits for Education.