California Dream Loan

The 2018-2019 CA Dream Loan waitlist is not yet open. Please check back end of June for updates.

The California Dream Loan is a subsidized loan program for undergraduate students with a valid California Dream Act Application and a valid AB540 affidavit on file with the University.

The California Dream Loan is borrowed money you must repay with interest. The interest rate for 2017-18 is 4.45% fixed, while the interest rate for 2018-19 has yet to be announced.

A subsidized loan does NOT accrue interest while you are enrolled in college at least half-time and during periods of approved deferment. Deferments are an agreement between the lender and the student to postpone payments for an approved period of time. You will be responsible for the interest charged at all other times.

Repayment of your loan begins 6 months after you graduate or drop below half-time. California Dream Loans are set-up to be repaid in monthly installments over a 10-year period and have a minimum payment of $50 a month. You can pay off your loan earlier without penalty.

STEP ONE: Requesting a California Dream Loan

If you wish to receive a California Dream Loan, please email:
Catherine Custodio

with your NAME, STUDENT ID, and a message stating “I would like to receive a California Dream Loan in the amount of $___________ (Up to $2000)

Within 3 business days of sending the email, you must log into your SF State Gateway, view financial aid awards and ACCEPT your loan.

PLEASE NOTE: Funding for the California Dream Loan is limited each academic year. If we are low on funds, you will be notified that you are either not eligible for the loan or that you have the option of being added to a waitlist for the loan.

STEP TWO: Accepting Your CA Dream Loan
After you have been notified of the loan offer, you must log into your SF State Gateway. Once in your Gateway, choose the option to Accept/Decline Awards under the Finances Section. Select the correct aid year and accept your loan.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to accept a reduced amount from what you were offered, you can enter in the reduced amount manually.

STEP THREE: Completing your Dream Loan Requirement
Once you accept your loan, you must wait to complete the Dream Loan Requirement. This requirement will show up on your Student Center To Do List right away, but it will not be available to complete until 3-6 business days after you accept your loan.  Failure to complete this requirement in a timely fashion may result in the cancellation of your loan.

When your Dream Loan Requirement is available, you will complete it at: