Below is the list of forms that you can download or print and fill out to clear your hold or to inform our office of your financial aid information change. Each form below includes a description of its purpose. Read the instructions on the form carefully and submit with documentations to the Financial Aid Office.
Incomplete form will be return unprocessed

Forms are in pdf's format and require a pdf's reader (Adobe Acrobat) to access. For Free Acrobat Reader download at Adobe's download site.                              

                                 Verification Forms


How do I view my Verification requirements on the Gateway


  1. Enter your "SF State ID and password".
  2. Under Student heading select "Financial/Jobs"
  3. Select "Student Center"
  4. You will see the "To Do List" on the right hand side.
  5. Click on "more" to get detail information on the items on your To Do List.
  6. Submit your documents.
  7. Continue to monitor your student email and/or gateway. If we need additional documents, you will be notified.


                                  Petition Forms


Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Only use this form if the Financial Aid Office has notified you that you are out of compliance with the Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines. If you aren't sure if this applies to you, contact the Financial Aid Office.
Petition To Use 2016 Income to determine Financial Aid Eligibility for 2017-2018. The petition due to income change is not applicable to Graduate students since only federal non-need based loans are available.
The standard calculation from the FAFSA uses the 2015 calendar year income and resources. If you or your parents have had a permanent change resulting in a subtantial decrease in expected income, you may request a review of your circumstances with a financial aid counselor to determine if it will result in further financial aid eligibility. Financial aid funds are limited. In some cases we may be able to approve your revision but unable to offer you more aid. To request a review of your circumstances, please see a financial aid counselor at the financial aid office. The deadline to file this petition is April 15, 2018